ProjectWise Wish List

Have an idea for a features that you would like to see incorporated into ProjectWise?  These can be large items, but sometimes it is the little things that can make day-to-day usage of ProjectWise easier.  Send me an email with your suggestions and, if I like it, I will post it. 🙂

– An ‘On-Off’ button for the version display in PW Explorer
– The option of moving documents through states without audit trail detection
– Have Scan Reference as a User Setting
– Show User suspended accounts when viewing Users via Group/List Members
– An Export option check box to Export Masters Only (no reference files)
– Full export options when exporting files similar to when exporting a folder (i.e. rewrite ref paths etc)
– A scrollable interface page
– Modify several attributes via the Environment editor. For example, select all fields & change them to Read Only
– Be able to re-size/enlarge the Document > Modify key-in field in PW Explorer to accommodate long pick lists
– Provide the ability to export Local Document Organizer ‘copied out’ results when selecting “All” users


7 thoughts on “ProjectWise Wish List

  1. – Full export options when exporting a single (or multiple) files similar to when exporting a folder (ie rewrite ref paths etc)

    – A scrollable interface page!

  2. -A way to export the users in an ACL to some sort of text file..

    I’ll just keep rhyming them off as I come across them!

  3. – Message Agent for the option when uploading a document (now it is tied with workflow states)
    – Deadlines for certain workflow states and pop-up window or automatic message to predefined users when the document haven’t “reach” the next state in time and so on
    – Ability to add link sets to another link sets to create a single package where I can see all the relation between project documents

  4. ProjectWise messaging agent setup; that could send an email message to a list of users when a file was added to a folder without the manual user intervention of changing the state on a document to kick off a notification. This function is still not available and I have to wonder why not.

  5. The facility to link related files (including non-CAD files). Particularly handy for linking a PDF version of a CAD file.

    • Hi Leah…This is something that is being asked for by several users. I’m actually on site this week in New York and the user was actually looking at another product that could do just that.

  6. Okay Bill, just because I like you…………….a big wish list for you! 🙂 these wishes are mostly with the end user in mind

    On-Off button for versions on/off – instead of navigating through menus;

    Editable (if permissions allow) attributes page of the file in the preview window – instead of opening the properties (for quick editing and viewing);

    Workflow diagram in preview/properties pane – many users find if difficult to understand the workflow on each folder and at which stage of the workflow the file is;

    HTML link to file when Outlook email is generated via messaging agent.

    Happy developing!

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