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  1. Good morning Bill.
    My name is Brent Darnell and I am employed by Zachry Engineering. I remember you from the BE conference in Philly last year. I have a question and maybe you have seen this before.
    We have been observing Projectwise behave for a couple of months now and mystically users have been taken out of the groups we have assigned them. We then have to go back in ProjectWise Administrator and add those users back into the correct group. One observation we notice is that names that begin with A-S were the ones taken out of the groups. Interesting huh? Have you seen this before?

    • Hi Brent…sorry, I have not seen this behavior. I will assume that these accounts are synchronizing through your Active Directory (AD) and have not been removed or disabled in AD. My initial suspicion might be an issue with enumerating the accounts through AD. What I would do; start by turn up logging in ProjectWise (User Sync) and review the log file to see if reveals any issues. You might want to also consider contacting Bentley TSG directly. Good luck!

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