Say hello in New Orleans

So, it’s been a while since my last post (not sure if that is good or bad!).  I have been adjusting to my new role within Bentley as the ProjectWise Services Director for North America.  I find this position equally challenging as my previous one (ProjectWise Consultant), but for different reasons.  I do plan to start blogging again and, like before, my goal is to blog once a month. Next week is the Bentley LEARNing Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.  If you are attending, please feel free to look me up.  I am delivering lectures on Monday, June 29 and again on Wednesday, July 1.  My sessions include a sneak peak into ProjectWise Deliverables Management and some thoughts on how to plan a successful ProjectWise deployment.  I will also spend some time in the “Ask the Expert” room and, of course, be sitting at the ProjectWise table at both “Social Dinners” on Monday and Wednesday night.  I look forward to seeing everyone!


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