What’s in your……Toolbox?

Happy New Year!  I wish everyone a healthy and successful 2015!

One of my ProjectWise resolutions for 2015 is, from time to time, spotlight a tool in the ProjectWise Toolkit.  For those users not aware, the ProjectWise Toolkit is essentially a collection of packaged deliverables the Bentley Solutions team has developed over the years to meet specific user needs.

This post will spotlight the new PW Notifications tool.

In short, PW Notifications allow Administrators to define a variety of reporting options for ProjectWise.  Once the reports are established, ProjectWise users can “subscribe” to them by selecting a ProjectWise Folder, Project or Saved Search.  The reports are delivered via email to the subscribing users.  Reports can be setup to run via a scheduling tool such as Windows Task Scheduler or, if needed, can be run on demand (manually).

Once PW Notifications is installed and configured, a pull down menu option will appear in ProjectWise Explorer, allowing users to subscribe or unsubscribe to a report.  ProjectWise Administrators also have the ability to subscribe to a report on behalf of other users setup within the PW Notification tool:


Each separate report is configured within an Excel spreadsheet (a sample is included with PW Notifications) and supports a “DaysBack” option that determines the reporting time span and a “ReportFilter” that filters the records defined in the time span:


The reports can include a variety of filters, most similar to the options in ProjectWise Audit trail:

Added File, Attribute Update, Changed Security, Changed State, Checked In, Checked Out, Copied, Copied Out, Created, Deleted, Distributed, Exported, Extracted, Freed, Going Out, Modified, Moved, Redlined, Removed File, Removed Final Status, Replace File, Set Final Status, Versioned and Viewed.

The report output is embedded in an email, with a corresponding Excel spreadsheet attached.  Here is an example report run daily on all documents checked out and checked in ProjectWise.  Note that the report includes a URN link to the document in ProjectWise:

PWN_02Installation and configuration of PW Notifications is fairly straightforward.  The tool also includes its own logging capability.  For addition information on this tool, including pricing, please contact your Bentley Account Manager.


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