Ex’cell’ Linking in ProjectWise

As many of you realize, you can link ProjectWise document attributes to either a Built In or Custom Microsoft Excel attribute.  However, what if you want to link that ProjectWise document attribute directly to an Excel Cell?  Unfortunately, this process only works in one direction; from Excel to ProjectWise.  If you would like to give it a try, you first need to setup the Microsoft Office Attribute Support Exchange Rules in ProjectWise (follow the ProjectWise delivered Help documentation).  From there, you need to setup a linked attribute in Excel.  The process for that is fairly straightforward:

Excel Setup
1. Rename a Cell to something meaningful.  For example rename cell “C2” to “Drawn_By”.
2. Open the Excel Advanced Properties option and click the Custom Tab
3. Match the Excel Custom Name to the ProjectWise Attribute Exchange Name
4. Next to Value field, enable “Link to content”.  This will change the “Value” option to “Source”
5. Select the Cell Name you renamed in Step 1 above
6. Click Add.  The new attribute should appear in the Excel Custom Properties page

Excel Attirbute 1Attribute Update
1. Change the text in your renamed Excel Cell
2. Open the Excel Document Properties > Advanced Properties dialog
3. Highlight your Custom attribute and click OK
4. Select the “Update ProjectWise” command in Excel
5. Return to ProjectWise Explorer and view the document attribute.  It should be updated with the new value.

As with many other ProjectWise commands, there are several configuration notes that you need to be mindful of, including but not limited to:

– This option only works going from Excel to ProjectWise :  Unfortunately, I have not been able to get this to work coming from ProjectWise.  You may be able to write a VB script to do this, however.

– Be mindful of the ProjectWise FREE command :  As with all ProjectWise Exchange Rules, going to ProjectWise (from Excel, Word, MicroStation, etc.) will automatically write the updated attributes to the database.  Therefore, if you happen to FREE the document afterwards, the new attributes are still set.


One thought on “Ex’cell’ Linking in ProjectWise

  1. Bill…you seem to indicate in your blog that this capability is not the slickest and is maybe a bit clumsy. I am asked all the time what is possible as far as ProjectWise and Excel is concerned. The answer is not much. Our users would like to do much more here. Please have a word…! Come on Bentley, please get on and tackle this. Small improvements or changes in so many areas would really help us to use and administer ProjectWise more effectively.

    PS Hope you are well.


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