It’s been 15 years? Say it ain’t so!

Prior to the Year in Infrastructure, Bentley held what was called the Bentley International User Conference.  The format was somewhat similar to Bentley conferences pre-2014, meaning it was an annual event, except usually held in different cities.  In 1999, while working as the Manager of Document Applications for Burns and Roe Enterprises in Oradell, New Jersey and teamed with Wayne Uffleman, the CAD System Manager at that time – and often referred to as the “big dog” of the deployment (I was the “little dog”) – we were fortunate enough to win the annual Bentley award “Best Enterprise-wide Collaboration” for our implementation of ProjectWise.  In conjunction with this award, Burns and Roe was featured as the cover story for Bentley’s EEM World magazine, which was published 15 years ago this week.Mag CoverIt is hard to believe so much time has passed!  As I look back, it is interesting to see how much the technology of ProjectWise has advanced, yet the underlying message is still the same; disparate teams in need of efficiently collaborating on internal projects.  If you are really bored, you can read the full article here…back when I had hair!


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