Share and Share (Ports) Alike

Several ProjectWise deployments call for, among other products, the installation of both the ProjectWise Web Server and Bentley Transmittal Services.  In most instances, both of these components need to be setup securely, which really means the Web server and the Bentley Transmittal Portal require SSL encryption.  Until recently, the only way I found around this issue was to create two virtual IIS sites, each using separate ports.  For example, I may setup my Web (or Web View) server using the default SSL port 443, with the Bentley Transmittal Portal using another port.  While this certainly works, it is not an optimum configuration for many users.

A short time ago, I worked with a user who developed a configuration that allows both products to share port 443.  Internal testing has gone well, so I would like to share this configuration with everyone.  It is fairly simple, the key being the use of a wildcard encryption certificate.  Here are the steps:

  1. User must have a ‘*’ Wildcard certificate
  2. Create new virtual site for the ProjectWise Web server
  3. Configure the Web Server using port 443 for SSL encryption
  4. Web Server has the DNS name
  5. Create a new DNS entry for the Bentley Portal
  6. For example,
  7. Create new virtual site for the Bentley Transmittal Portal
  8. For example, BTSPortal
  9. Change the Portal binding to https
  10. Leave Port 443 as the default
  11. Select the Wildcard certificate
  12. Enter in the Host Name field
  13. Click OK

Remember that there are two server components for Transmittal Services: a Bentley Transmittal Server and Portal.  The server module, while requiring its own server, does not need SSL encryption.  Only the Portal.


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