How you doin’…..ProjectWise Training?

Delivering ProjectWise User Training can have a huge impact within any organization.  I explain to all new ProjectWise Administrators that in most instances, this is the initial exposure to ProjectWise your users will have and it can greatly affect their ‘ProjectWise Experience’.   User training is a critical facet of a solid ProjectWise implementation plan, so do not take this lightly.

There are several ways to deliver training.  The ProjectWise training offered by Bentley is entitled “ProjectWise V8i SELECTseries 4 User Essentials Training” and is billed as an 8 hour class.  More on that in a moment.  The course material is thorough and comes with its own dataset, making the delivery easy (well, easier, anyway).  However, I try to stress that to deliver an effective class, users are better off developing their own manual (guide, handout or any other noun you prefer) and exercises that contain actual screen shots of your interface, environment, workflows, document creation, etc.  This form of training is generally well received and helps ease the user transition from their current work process to ProjectWise.

Now, back to the 8 hour training class.   Speaking from personal experience, I believe that is too long and can be counterproductive by exposing users to several task that I feel should be more administrative, such has Scanning for Reference File attachments, creating Folders or defining security.  Further, covering every feature in ProjectWise Explorer can be overwhelming and unnecessary as few users use all ProjectWise Explorer options.  The better approach may be to split the User Essentials Training into two 4-hour segments: Basic and Advanced.  The latter portion can be covered later, when your user base is acclimated to ProjectWise.  Or, better still – and my preferred method – forgo the advanced training and spend the extra 4 hours on ProjectWise ‘Coaching’ with your consultant.  There is always something that can be reviewed!  Oh, and one BIG tip; spend more time in training on performing ProjectWise searches!

Lastly, consider who should deliver your ProjectWise Explorer training.  One suggestion is to have your Bentley ProjectWise Consultant deliver the initial User Essentials Training in a ‘Train the Trainer’ format.  That is the Consultant trains your ProjectWise Administrators and they, in turn, train your user groups.  The Train the Trainer concept allows you to fully vet your training material while learning delivery techniques by a certified ProjectWise trainer.


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