Microsoft Indexing Ignored Words

I am essentially re-blogging (sort of like a retweet?) from one I wrote for ‘Jo West’ about a year ago.  When indexing text for in ProjectWise, the ProjectWise processor FTR (Full Text Retrieval) uses the Microsoft indexing service to extract the text and stores it in the bentley-index.  We have all heard about the Microsoft Indexing “ignored” words such as ‘and’, ‘as’ and ‘the’. In case you are curious, here is a fairly complete list of the words that the Microsoft Indexing catalog will exclude:

A – about after all also an and another any are as a
B – be because been before being between both but by
C – came can come could
D – did do does
E – each else
F – for from
G – get got
H – had has have he her here him himself his how
I – if in into is it its
J – just
L – like
M – make many me might more most much must my
N – never no now
O – of on only or other our out over
R – re
S – said same see since should so some still such
T – take than that the their them then there these they this those through to too
U – under use
V – very
W – want was way we well were what when where which while who will with would
Y – you your

In addition, individual letters and numbers will also be ignored. Interestingly, adding a suffix to the ignored words will get indexed. For example, “get” is ignored, but “getting” is returned.


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