A Neat Trick for your ProjectWise Logs

Are you like me and forget where to look for your ProjectWise system log files?  Are they under C:\Users\Public?  Or is that C:\Users\<username>?  One easy solution is to move your logs to a more convenient location.

For example, let’s consider the dmskrnl.cfg file.  It is arguably the heart of your ProjectWise configuration, storing many options for your datasources.  The log for this file are stored in the dmskrnl.log file that, depending on your OS, will appear in a couple of different locations.

To make this easier to find, simply redirect this log file (or any other, for that matter) to a common location like C:\Bentley\Logs.  For the dmskrnl logs, edit the dmskrnl.log.xml file (located in your …\ProjectWise\bin folder) and modify the following line (Note: you will find the following line in two places.  The first location is for documentation purposes only.):

<param name=”File” value=”${BENTLEY_SERVER_LOGFILE_DEST}\Bentley\Logs\dmskrnl.log”/>    <!– Required –>


<param name=”File” value=”C:\Logs\dmskrnl.log”/>    <!– Required –>

You can find this line under the <appender name=”RollingFileAppender”> section of the xml.


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