Role of a ProjectWise Administator – Part II

In my blog Role of a ProjectWise Administrator – Part 1, I attempted to help users determine who might make the best ProjectWise Administrator.  In Part 2, I will try and breakdown the role of a PWA a bit further.  There are several tasks that are required; some obvious and others, not so much.  Below is a short-list of tasks your PWA will be responsible for.  There are two core area’s: System Administration and Functional Support.  The former include tasks that required assistance from Bentley Professional Services and your IT staff.

ProjectWise – System Administration
– Defining ProjectWise architecture and specification
– Finalizing required server/service components
– (Caching, Web, Gateway, Distribution, InterPlot, etc.)
– ProjectWise Server Installation and Configuration
– Identifying ProjectWise Storage Area locations
– Initial ProjectWise database creation
– Licensing
– ProjectWise Client rollout
– Liaise with IT:
     ProjectWise backup (documents and database)
     ProjectWise file restoration
     Implement disaster recovery
– Load balancing

ProjectWise – Functional Support
– ProjectWise Datasource strategy
– ProjectWise Folder structure
– Setup and maintain ProjectWise environments
– Setup users and define their permissions
– Setup ProjectWise Groups
– Data migration
– Project Setup
– ProjectWise Security
– Define Workflows and States
– Title block Integration
– Generating ProjectWise Reports
– ProjectWise Application association
– Configuring full-text indexing and extractions
– Day-to-day ProjectWise support

Depending on the growth of your installation, especially if you start to work share with internal users and outside consultants or vendors, you may decide to have a primary PWA, who keeps their focus on the overall ProjectWise installation (many of the items above) and other tasks including monitoring ProjectWise server performance (i.e. review log files), monitor any ProjectWise “jobs” (generated from iCS, for one), testing new releases of ProjectWise, coordinating and performing software upgrades.

In these instances, you could also assign a “Level 2 PWA” (or Project PWA, or Power PWA) who might reside local to the primary PWA or in a work share office, if it is large enough.  Their responsibility might include initial Project Setup, CADD standard compliance, new user creation, day-to-day support, etc.  Again, depending on the size of the PW deployment, the secondary position may not be a full-time role.


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